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(A chapter in my forthcoming book Questions and Responses: the toughest questions I've ever been asked).

+ A young friend had a baby out of wedlock, and when he was born the hospital didn’t let her see him. She had been persuaded to surrender him for adoption. The one-night encounter with a dark-skinned Asian student gave her the only clue about what he might look like, as she subsequently wandered the streets of her home town frightening other women by looking into their prams and strollers to find him… Sad.

+ I enjoy reading each week’s articles by the prolific Australian writer Nikki Gemmel. This morning’s online ABC News has the sad story of her mother’s death by suicide. She’d complained about her debilitating chronic pain, and told Nikki she had no alternative but euthanasia to release her from it. ‘Don't you want to see the grandkids grow up?’ Nikki would cry. But nothing prepared her for the police on her doorstep one morning in October 2015. ‘Mum had sat down o…